My son is a 2 year old baby with a trach. He came home from the hospital not so long ago and we decided this year my husband and I would spend our anniversary at GWL.

We made reservations and made it wear that my son was special needs. After having a great time with my son he was tired and needed a nap,while my husband went down the slide. I placed my son by the lazy river he was strapped in his stroller and behind the rope fence. He does not sit or walk so for him to get out would be impossible.

I went in the lazy river and kept my eye on him the whole time. Then I saw a man approach and I quickly went to see what the problem was. He told me ma'am the life guards complained about you leaving your son unattented, I was in the water for a total of 8 minutes. I said ok I apologize if that's a problem but I doubt my son will be trying to get in the water on his own.

He told me," we'll you can take him in the water with you." I informed him that my son had a trach and he could not get in the water. While I was talking to this man (who was very polite) I sat next to my son with my feet in the water, as the man (lifeguard supervisor) walked away my husband was headed my way and asked what the problem was. I told him someone had complained about my son and I. All of a sudden a young girl lifeguard walks directly to me and with the rudest attitude that anyone has ever given me she said ,"Get up!

You can NOT be here! Do you hear me?! You are a hazard! Then with her hand up and pointing in my face she said ,"Get up NOW!

" I was in total shock! I was no where in her way and near by where other people. This was humiliating and I couldn't help but to break out in tears. I honestly felt she was addressing me and my son.

I told the front desk and my much needed anniversary vacation got cut short. We told the person in charge of aquatics wht happened and he told me that I was in way a hazard and that the lifeguards are not suppose to address guests unless spoken to. Also, that people always sit around the stairs and that it's never a problem. The girl later told them that she was asking me to move because I was blocking her.

She never said excuse me, she never told me to move, she never indicated that i was in her way. she was so rude and inconsiderate.

I was planning in going back with all my other children (a total of 6) and now I will NEVER return even if they paid me! I have never felt so horrible in my life.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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I love popl that have 100 kids and then expect every body else to watch them..that's just ignorant!!


If that little***** would have spoke to me like that,I would have knocked her in the water and held her head under until there was no more breath left in her cocky little mouth!!!

Hamilton, Ohio, United States #932454

I see you being told to not leave your child unattended. I see you being asked to move out of the way.

Even if your story is 100% true...where is the discrimination ? Does the lodge discriminate against people in the way ? Or do they discriminate again unsafe/bad parents ?

Perhaps your "rights" as a person who wants others to mind their own %^%$# business and be hit by a bus were violated ? If so perhaps you and the other people should form a group to fight for your rights.

I know, here is a name you can call yourselves.


Out Raged Over Nothing. Get some tshirts and bumper stickers to use with the M.O.R.ON. name and publicize your cause.

Ill give the name to you for free. good luck.


You were so wrong....anything could have happened.Your sons stroller could have accidentally been pushed into the water he could have drowned...some *** could have snached that stroller in the blink of an eye.You are lacking common sense.They should have called the police.You are a neglectful parent.

Sidney, Ohio, United States #827186

The child was behind a ropped area and unable to leave the chair, the mother had her eyes on them the entire time, you all are some ignorant people she did nothing to put the child in danger, I wish people who cry children services would step in front of a bus you are what's wrong with this country no one minds there own *** business anymore

Seattle, Washington, United States #647588

Are you kidding me? You left your TWO YEAR OLD child alone in a stroller, in a crowded water park full of strangers.

Special needs or not, it does not matter. You do not leave a two year old child unattended. Ever.

You're a parent of six? That's concerning...

GWL is not in the wrong, you are.

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #611227

I agree with everyone else. You are definetly in the wrong.

And what is this bs about life gaurds not being allowed to speak unless spoken to?

Of course they have to speak to the guests, they need to relay safety rules etc. Next time

Be a responsible parent and watch ur kid

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #608610

Its a shame when a child has parents that are special needs.

Cabot, Arkansas, United States #607420

I would have called the cops on you for child endangerment.

to ***Patrol Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada #847793

You folks saying she was in the wrong are absolutely clueless about parenting.

The child was clearly being supervised by the parent, even if she was out of arms reach.

Not to mention being the parent of a disabled child is hard enough, you arm chair quarterbacks have to slam this parent for your perceived negligent behavior.

I'd bet you jerks probably swear, smoke, and drink excessively in front of your own children, yet judge others.

Really? Get a life!

Naples, Florida, United States #602958

They are in NO way at fault or wrong here. Are you really that thick?

They should have called the police.

You can not leave a child with special needs unattended. Had the child been injured in any way you would have blamed the facility and filed a lawsuit.

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