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UPDATE: insight as to why this place has fallen so much in such a short time... MANAGEMENT... new general manager (Kevin Eldridge)in November... we miss Terri Zajo

OKAY, NEW UPDATE.... Kevin Eldridge,himself, called me to explain the resort fee. WHAT???

If the general manager of a resort calls an unsatisfied patron someone should at least make sure he knows why he is calling the patron. None of my reviews were about the actual resort fee, just the inability for any staff member to be able to explain fees until day 3 when Anthony called and explained the fee effectively and went on to blame his employees bad days for not having the information to provide customers.

Also, the towel line is here to stay as Kevin Eldridge justifies it by saying that people hold seats and that towels are all over the resort... it’s a water park, why not have a couple employees dedicated to picking up said towels? Instead this management thinks that the 500$ per night and the resort fee don’t pay for a slight inconvenience to the resort. People will just find another way to hold chairs.

Mr. Eldridge said the towel practice is common across the country in resorts... haha... can’t imagine where he is traveling as I travel monthly and have NEVER stood in a line for a towel and certainly would NEVER stand in a line to return a towel. Wow, just wow. I cannot wait to see the differences between Anaheim GWL and here... no way management there is this ludicrous.

Mr.Aldridge also mentioned they weren’t actually charging for the towels. They threaten you with it and make you check in and out every towel, wasting valuable time, and he said they aren’t even charging??? What?? If you make a ridiculous policy and are so passionate about it that Christmas is a great time to make people wait in line then at least stick with your threats and convictions and charge. Or better yet, don’t make people wait for a towel... no anger, no fee.

This is just a preliminary review prior to a letter to corporate and a visit to their Anaheim location and just so many YouTube videos, reviews, etc..

We checked in at 3:50 pm and was told that our room was not ready. I was then told they didn't know when it would be ready. I explained that it was not acceptable and pushed for management to ensure it was ready by 4pm as a 500$ stay per night should not having me waiting around in their lobby to god knows when... they wouldn't even give me an estimate... bad start to the stay.. got into room about 4:15 after much pushing.

We had unexplainable fees on the bill that I tried to have the front desk explain and everyday I got a different answer.. my husband and I walked around just annoyed that no one could explain the resort fees/unexplained fees and the guesses the employees came up with well... I felt bad for them as they obviously had a lack of training. They were all kind and it was obvious they wanted to help but couldn't. On the last morning, Anthony, the director of guest relations, provided a valid explanation of the fees and he then tried to convince me that the employees I spoke to must have had a bad day essentially or were daydreaming. If it had been only one or two employees maybe his callous transfer of blame wouldn't have bothered me, however, I made it clear that we asked the front desk and many employees on different occasions. Managements answer was to blame employees that definitely didn't have answers.... just sad... so very sad and I hope they listen to Anthonys call so they can see how completely ineffectual this Anthony individual is... I feel awful for anyone working under him as he will simply just blame you!

Moving on.... HOLY TOWEL *** over the Christmas holidays this GREEDY establishment had ONE desk for you to check out towels... the line was, at times 20 minutes or longer and then to RETURN your towel you get to wait in the same line... This is the most absurd way to lose as much business as possible in the absolute quickest time.

We will visit other locations but never our home location as this is beyond greed. TAKE THE TOWELS from your room to the pool... don't stand for this *** Seriously.. 1400$ for 2 days and they want us to stand in line for 40 minutes to deal with a towel... seriously? I wouldn't bother bringing towels from home.. use the room towels. (What will they do? Threaten more fees?)

Aside from all the bull my kids had an absolute blast!! It is truly an amazing facility and if they could get it together instead of falling apart we would have come back.. the towel thing shut the door on this facility for my husband. So sad that they can't see the degrading behavior of making people wait in line for a 1.00$ towel (probably less) with the threat or a 15$ fee is an affront.

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