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First off it was way to packed. It took forever to find a parking spot.

My son is two years old and loves slides. I went down the slide with him about five times before the lifeguard told me I could not go down it with him. I told them that was *** cause now he can not go down it. Why have slides for the little ones in the kiddie pool if the parent can not go down with them.

Also for the price of this place why would they have concrete floors in the water park. For the money this place is making you would think they could get them rubber floors installed. Another thing I followed the signs for the changing room and all they had was one bench between the toilets and the showers. We had to get changed in the bathroom stalls with a clogged toilet.

Next the price of the food was ridicules. And their was hardly anything to choose from on the menu.Ohh im not done, I finely got to my room and everything seemed ok until I walked out in the balcony and seen a cockroach. This place is well not worth the money we paid to stay one night. *** we seen the kids with the magic wands in the hallway.

I asked their parent how my kids could get one and do the magic stuff around the park. They told me it was 60$ a kid. Really, 60$ for some imaginary toy.

This place is ridicules... Mason ohio

Product or Service Mentioned: Great Wolf Lodge Room.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Rochester, New York, United States #1178903

I guarantee you that they hire staff to reply to these negative reviews...not everyone is as dumb as you think...

Newark, New Jersey, United States #834709

Well i work their and can GAURENTE their are no cockraches. And its $30 a kid for magicquest.

And they have pizza, ice cream, fries, burgers, fudge, dip n dots, all kinds of food, so thats a lie. And who cares if the floor isnt foams!?!?

And our changing room is very large so thats a lie. This is just another person who has nothing to do with their rich life but complain.


Westbury, New York, United States #812347

I'm sorry but I cannot take a review seriously if the person reviewing does not even know the difference between "there" and "their" or "finally" and "finely".


VWent to Great Wolf Lodge 2 times. First time was in Canada that was a nice, clean place.

Great Wolf Lodge Virginia another story all together. check in was 1 hour in line to be told our room was not available our room was not available till 7:00pm. Our children had on Suits so we went to the water park which was overcrowded. 5 minutes after arrival lazy river had *** floating in it was shut down.

Right next to it the slide was shut down due to testing positive for more ***.

I did complain and received a 50% off your next visit (We never returned again). Our kids loved the place parents not for us.

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